Even American Idol Sports A Transformers Costume

Yesterday I wrote an article about the awesome cardboard Transformers costume, and it brought in a lot of interest. It’s such a unique and funny costume that even I have since watched the video several times just to laugh for a minute or two. But right after I had my tea today, I wanted to explore if someone else had done the same thing, maybe even more elaborately than this ultimately cool cardboard design. What I found was really something out of the ordinary. There are some builds in Japan that caught my interest, but they were just static builds out of spare parts from a dump somewhere so that didn’t fly with me. Instead, I think I found something way better. It’s something that you just might have seen before if you are a big fan of reality shows and music.

On American Idol there was actually a contestant who rolled onto the stage in his hand-made Transformers costume that he put together using parts from Walmart. The contestant was of course Drew Beaumier who mesmerized a whole nation, not because he had such a captivating voice, but because of the fact that he came on as a Transformer.

Drew has since appeared on several TV shows with his costume, and just like with the cardboard Transformers costume, he attached wheels to his knees and arms so that when he kneeled and folded into a Mustang car he could actually roll down the street in true geek fashion. I can only quote Cee Lo Green‘s song “F–k You” where he sings… “Yeah I’m sorry, I can’t afford a Ferrari, but that don’t mean I can’t get you there.#MoneyIsntEverything

American Idol Transformers Costume Contestant