Everything About Marvel You Never Knew [Infographic]

We are all familiar with their work, and we have all heard about their movies, well, at least everyone who keeps an eye on what’s going on in the world. The Spiderman movies are some of the most successful movies in history. The marvel franchise, the makers of the original comics, and the owners of the rights to some of the world’s best known superheroes ever are growing their bank accounts with each day that goes by. The superhero movies have really taken off, and I expect us to see a whole lot more superheroes becoming great franchises in the near future. The latest was Captain America, which topped the box office charts with a ground breaking 4 day opening result.

However, Marvel is so much more, and their history is literally jam packed with oddities and events that even you didn’t know about. When I first checked out this infographic created by the always entertaining Online Schools, KokuGamer and Jason Powers, I was struck by the awesomeness of the company itself. They have certainly taken some rather interesting turns through the years, and ultimately, they have lead them to where they are today, which is the world’s largest deliverer of superhero comics and movies.

Even though you might not be a huge comic fan, you most likely have seen one of the movies about these comic legends. Superman, of course, is one of the most marketed ones. Take a minute to check through this awesome infographic and learn a bit about the company that is feeding you with unrealities that you just can’t resist. We all want to be superheroes in our own way, however few will ever come close to what these guys are accomplishing to save the world. Brilliant!

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Marvel Event History Timeline Infographic