The Evolution Of Your Workspace From 1995 – 2015 [Comic]

Richard wrote an article the other day about the differences between how men and women use the Internet. The statistic in that article that I remember most didn’t have anything to do with gender. It was the fact that most people in the civilized world can connect to the Internet with 3 different devices, and 10% of those people can connect with 5 devices. It got me thinking about my own workspace and my leather bag filled with gadgets that I take everywhere. I realized for the first time that when I’m at home, I can connect to the Internet with more than 5 devices. Look around at your workspace, how many devices connect to the Internet?

While that may seem like no big deal at first, when you really start to think about it, it’s a huge change from just a few short years ago. Even before the iPad and the smartphone existed, I had more than one computer on my desk. Think back to when you got your first computer. It was a big deal, right? Did you ever think you would reach a point in life when you had so many of them in your workspace?

This little comic called The Evolution Of Your Workspace created by C-Section Comics puts it all into perspective in a humorous way. Just look at the guy’s face as the number of computers on his desk increases, and of course, by 2015, he’ll be a depressed, anti-social, stressed human being who has high blood pressure and a weak heart from sitting too much during the day and not exercising. As goofy as this might be, there is a tiny bit of truth to it. So if you find that you keep increasing the number of gadgets in your workspace, just remember to keep smiling and get up from your desk every now and then to move. Now if I could just take my own advice…

How many gadgets in your workspace connect to the Internet?

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Image Credits: [C-Section Comics] [Dakka Dakka]