Experience 8-Bit Horror In The Last Door Indie PC Game

A couple of weeks ago, the developers of The Last Door contacted me on YouTube and asked if I would be interested in trying out their game. Despite its 8-bit graphics style, this indie PC game has all the ambiance and scares of a $60 big budget horror game. Developed by The Game Kitchen, the 1st chapter of this 3-chapter game is available now. The free pilot chapter is also available for those of you who do not want to commit to anything. Chapter 1 will take around 35-60 minutes to complete.

The game was first launched on Kickstarter. There is an overview of the game from the Kickstarter page below. Inspired by Poe and Lovecraft, “The story starts in the late 19th century in the south of England. Good times for science, psychology and art. The main character receives a letter from his old friend Anthony asking for help. It’s a strange request since it has been a long time since they were colleagues at the University. But when he arrives to his house in the Sussex county, he finds that something horrible might be happening.” Expect blood, gore and multiple dead bodies!

Those who have played point-and-click adventure games will immediately get into the flow of things on The Last Door. Your mouse controls your character’s movements. There are objects around the environment that you can click on. Some of them go into your inventory to be used later on, while others have an immediate effect on the environment. Chapter 1 takes place in a mansion, so there will be plenty of doors to unlock and puzzles to solve.

My experience with this game has been extremely positive. The quality of a point and click adventure game ultimately depends on the plot and the puzzles, and The Last Door nails both. The house is well laid out, and players are given the appropriate number of hints to solve the puzzles. The only gripe I have is that some of the environmental items, like keys, can be difficult to spot due to the nature of the graphics. Other than that, I think the 8-bit graphics do a great job of conveying the story’s atmosphere. It leaves just enough for your imagination to run wild. I also want to mention the sound FX and music, which do a lot to sell the haunted house feeling as you play through the game. I am looking forward to Chapter 2 of The Last Door, and I encourage Bit Rebels readers to check it out!

Experience 8-Bit Horror In The Last Door Indie PC Game