Exploding Spray Can Portrayed In Paused LEGO Build

The many different forms, shapes and builds when it comes to LEGO really push the builders to think differently every time they set out on a journey to create something that has never before been built.  After all, you don’t want to copy someone else’s epic viral block buster (in the real sense of the word).  To stay original in today’s LEGO competitions, you really have to think outside the box.  To be original isn’t to build a new Star Wars ship or crank up the size of the largest house built entirely out of LEGO.  No, you have to go where no one else has gone before.  You have to be the new Kevyn Flynn of the LEGO world.  Let the blocks think for themselves and mimic their patterns.

Cole Blaq, a LEGO builder extraordinaire, totally knows how to flip the right side upside down with a twist to create his very own unique touch on each of his builds.  His “Inside The Spray Can” series is one of the most original building techniques I have seen in a very long while.  The build is not only original, it defies all logic and gravity in a way that messes with your take on reality.

I don’t know if he is using glue, or if he has some weird technique that makes it all look so alive, but the result is nothing less than amazing.  The spray can seems to be exploding from the inside, and then frozen in time as if he just hit the pause button while in total destruction.  There is paint flying everywhere, and all you are left with is a moment in time that is paused forever.  It’s a truly genius build if you ask me!

Paused LEGO Explosion Build

LEGO Art Installation Build

Green LEGO Spray Can Explosion

Closeup Exploding LEGO Spray Can

Extreme Closeup LEGO Spray Can