Extreme Pumpkin Mod: Playable, Electronic Tetris Inside A Pumpkin

I’ve written about quite a few extreme pumpkin carvings before, but this one is insane! If you are fan of retro video games and freaky pumpkins, you are going to love this. It’s a playable, electronic Tetris built right into the guts of a pumpkin. What will you use for the controller? Well, the stem of course. It’s called the Pumpktris, and it’s a brilliant little pumpkin mod. Wait, can pumpkins be modded? I’m not sure, but read on.

Last year, Nathan at HaHa Bird had an idea to manipulate pumpkins as they grew so they would form Tetris shapes, and then he was going to stack them on top of each other. Like all creative people with fantastic ideas, he wrote it on a piece of paper and forgot about it.

This year, he found his note, and decided to act on it, but he modified his idea a little. Since growing pumpkins takes such a long time and Halloween is tomorrow, he decided to embed a playable, electronic Tetris into a pumpkin instead. He made what could possibly by the best extreme pumpkin I’ve ever seen. I’m so impressed!

He had a lot of work ahead of him to bring his retro, extreme pumpkin to life. He had to make his own LED matrix, program the Tetris, do a bunch of soldering, poke a bunch of holes, find the hardware, etc. After all this was said and done, voila…He successful created the world’s first Tetris game inside a real pumpkin. The great news is that you can read all about his extreme pumpkin adventure (and get the tutorial if you want to attempt this yourself) on Pumpktris. I wonder if he has any creative ideas written on that note for how to mod his Christmas tree. If so, I’m definitely going to check that out too.

Playable Pumpkin Tetris – Geekiest Extreme Pumpkin Mod Ever

(The Stem Is The Controller)






Via: [Ian Brooks]