This Facehugger Egg Cookie Jar Will Curb Your Hunger Pangs

Whether or not you have watched the Aliens movie series, one glance at this creepy looking cookie jar is enough to know that it represents an unearthly creature. We present to you the world’s most disgusting cookie jar that resembles a Xenomorph egg and, hold on to your hats, the lid is in the shape of a Facehugger! For the non-believers, a Xenomorph egg is the egg of an alien while a Facehugger is a parasite that pounces upon the face of its host to implant an embryo. You have surely dropped those cookies by now. What a great way to keep your snacking in check!

Fans of the Aliens franchise will be ecstatic to know that you can make this amazing cookie jar your own for a meager price of $30! How about revamping your entire kitchen to go with the extraterrestrial theme? We are talking alien themed wallpaper, curtains, and cutlery, leave no stone unturned! This marvelous creation will make for a wonderful Halloween decoration. Picture this, an entire garden covered with ugly Xenomorph eggs, with eerie music playing in the background. You will not need to purchase any candy because the innocent trick-or-treaters will keep their distance from your property! This clever invention holds infinite potential when in the hands of a skilled prankster.

As you stumble your way into the kitchen in the middle of the night, eyes groggy with sleep, this scary egg will drive you away from the dangerous calories. A weight loss device, a food container, and a geeky decorative item, all rolled into one, this cookie jar is the real deal. [pullquote]When overpowering hunger gives you the courage to approach this alien egg, the Facehugger nestled on top of the lid will come to your rescue.[/pullquote] There is a fifty percent chance that it might jump onto your face as soon as you make physical contact with the cookie jar (just kidding, or not?). A risk definitely not worth taking. You can say goodbye to those delicious cookies forever!

Friends will pester you to disclose the secret behind your magical weight loss. Take them to a dark room and present them with this terrifying piece of art. The fine detailing and accurate colors are bound to startle them. Such is the efficacy of these cookie jars that they sell like hot cakes on Amazon. If you are lucky enough to find them in stock then your bikini body is only a purchase away. Bear in mind to handle them with care, they are the eggs of a vicious creature after all. Made from ceramics, these eggs do not have a liking for dishwashers and prefer to be cleansed by human hands.

If you dare to dip your hands in for a cookie, you will find them in perfectly crunchy conditions. Just like a Facehugger has a tight grasp over human heads, the lid is extremely secure and keeps the moisture at bay. Rest assured that your cookies are in safe hands, erm, eggs. This is one invention that will even scare the life out of a cookie monster. Your cookies will stop disappearing mysteriously with the power of the Xenomorph egg on your side! – You can find more epic cookie jars here.

Alien Facehugger Egg Cookie Jar – Do You Dare?

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