Famous Weapons Used By Your Favorite Superheroes & Villains [Chart]

I can understand that there are some concerns about 3D printed guns. The thought of someone being able to print a powerful gun at home with his or her 3D printer is a scary thought. Some places like NYC are even considering banning the manufacture and use of 3D printed guns. It all got me thinking about weapons in general. If we have to have weapons at all, wouldn’t it be great to use the famous weapons of superheroes or villains?

Sometimes the weapons that superheroes and supervillains carry are as unique as the characters themselves. I’m sure as much attention to detail goes into creating the weapons as anything else. Sometimes (like for Wolverine and Freddy Krueger), the weapon is part of the character’s body. When you think about it, anything is possible when it comes to the weapon, and I’m sure it’s a fun, creative process to create them.

If I could choose a famous weapon to wield each day, it would definitely be a purple lightsaber. If you want to see a great collection of famous weapons, check out this chart by designer Daniel Nyari. You’ll see weapons on here from Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, Indiana Jones and many, many more. Daniel sells prints of this chart over on Society6 for $18.

Can you put the character with each one of these weapons? I got most of them right, but for a few I had to cheat and look at the answers. If you click on this chart to enlarge it, and then go to the bottom right corner, you’ll see the list of them all. There are a lot more famous weapons than this though. That would actually be a great infographic project. Someone could put together a comprehensive weapons list organized by year, by movie franchise or by good/evil. I’d tweet that and write about it for sure.

Famous Weapons Used By Superheroes & Villains

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Via: [Nerdwire]