Turn Your Long Fingernail Into A Super Accurate Touchscreen Stylus

Usually technology enhances our style and makes us feel good about ourselves, but every now and then, it hinders us. If you’re a female geek who is typing on a touchscreen all day, you know that it’s almost impossible to maintain long fingernails. Unless you can perform magic, it’s very hard to type with them. That is probably one of the main reasons short nails have come back in style over the past few years. All that is about to change though, and soon you’ll be able to turn your long fingernail into a badass, super accurate touchscreen stylus.

This is actually the second version of this type of tiny device. The first version, also by TechTips, was a metal cover for your fingernail (it went on top of the nail instead of going underneath it) which transformed it into a touchscreen stylus. However, as you see in the picture below, it’s ugly. Solving one fashion problem by creating another is not a solution.

This new touchscreen stylus version, called Nano Nails, slips underneath the fingernail, which makes the whole design a lot more appealing. Not only that, it supposedly provides unsurpassed accuracy and preciseness. They will hit the market later this year, and will probably sell for around $10 for a pack of 4 or 6.

When you watch the video below, it does look incredibly easy to use, and you can’t even see the device under the nail. Apparently it does take a small learning curve to figure out a comfortable way to navigate the screen, but that’s the case with almost any touchscreen stylus, so this is no different. If these little fingernail styluses catch on, it could be huge. It could actually bring back long fingernails as a style. This is such a great example of technology colliding with fashion for a win.

“Under Fingernail” Device Turns Your Nail Into A Touchscreen Stylus


This (below) was the original fingernail stylus design
which didn’t go underneath the nail – yuck

Via: [Design Taxi] [CNET]