Food Couture Designs: D&G Chanel Gucci Louis Vuitton & More

Do you like couture fashion designers? Do you like ice cream and breakfast cereal? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you will like these creations which combine them both into one luxuriously tasty collection of creative food couture designs.

Tricia, the Glam Foodie at Sip, Chat, Chow designed, styled and produced these fun goodies. She was inspired by her love of fashion and amazing food. Although I’m not normally a fan of designer labels, I really like these. I wonder though, since when is breakfast cereal considered an amazing food?

In my mind, I picture steak and lobster representing Gucci since it’s so decadent. I imagine a mug of hot tea with a lemon wedge representing Chanel since it’s so prim and proper. Last but not least, I would think an elegant glass of champagne and some caviar would represent Cartier since I always think of diamonds when I think of that brand. However, this breakfast cereal and ice cream will also do just as well! These are making me hungry. Very nice!

Burberry Chanel Gucci Cartier

Chanel Burberry Gucci Cartier

D&G Chanel Gucci Burberry Cartier

Gucci Chanel Burberry Cartier

Gucci Chanel Burberry Cartier

Cartier D&G Chanel Gucci Burberry

Louis Vuitton Gucci Chanel D&G

Burberry Cartier Chanel Gucci

Chanel Gucci Cartier Louis Vuitton

Gucci Chanel Louis Vuitton Burberry

Gucci Chanel Louis Vuitton Burberry

Via: [Trendland]