For A Geek’s Dinner Table: DIY Star Wars Napkin Rings

These are just the cutest little geeky napkin rings ever! They almost make me want to ditch the paper napkins and pull out the fabric ones. Every day can be a special occasion with these adorable DIY Star Wars napkin holders.

Bonnie at The Official Star Wars Blog created these, and the process looks very simple. All you need is some felt, a few Velcro circles, some googly eyes, and you’ll be all set. Knowing me, I would cut the shapes out all wrong. I would probably go to her tutorial, hold a piece of paper up to my monitor, and trace the shapes to cut out. That way, my Jabba The Hutt would look like Jabba instead of a big brown blob.

Even though her tutorial only demonstrates this with Yoda, Admiral Ackbar and Jabba The Hutt, if you’re feeling extra creative, you could use this method to also make R2-D2, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and all your other favorites. If you would like to make these for your own table, you can click over to Star Wars Napkin Rings Craft to see her complete how-to. If you decide to make them, I hope you’ll come back and leave us a picture so we can see what you made!

Yoda Jabba The Hutt Napkins

Yoda Jabba The Hutt Napkins

Jabba The Hutt Napkin Ring

Yoda Jabba The Hutt Napkins

Via: [Craft]