For Geeks That Love The Holidays: DIY Lego Ornaments

I’m so excited right now to write about this. You already know from all my Lego articles how much I love those little colorful bricks; however, to combine Lego and my favorite holiday, oh my goodness!

If you are a geek, if you celebrate Christmas, and if you plan to decorate a Christmas tree, this article is for you! I can’t think of anything better to do with all those boxes of Lego bricks you have lying around the house than to custom make your own holiday ornaments. Besides, we all know that Santa Claus has a soft spot for geeks, so you are sure to make him smile when he comes down your chimney this year and sees what you’ve made!

Keep in mind; this is not just any old holiday craft. After all, it involves Lego so you know it’s cool. You will need the Lego Digital Designer 4.0 software to complete this project. You can download that here. You can find the detailed instructions for this complex build here along with the model file, alternate builds file and directions for where to find some of the Lego pieces if you don’t already have them.

Like everything Lego, this is all really designed to jump start your creativity. I absolutely love these! If you enjoy looking at them, but don’t have the time or energy to create your own, perhaps you might be interested in purchasing some of the holiday cards featuring these Lego ornament designs. Happy building!

[via Technabob]