For the Office Geeks: Is This a Shoe or a Stapler?

You have to admit, the shoes we typically feature on Bit Rebels are usually ones you wouldn’t wear in real life. They are interesting and geeky for sure, but unusual to say the least.

When I first saw these pictures below, I thought I was looking at another pair of interesting shoes to share with you. Upon further research, I learned that these aren’t shoes at all! Nope, these are the most fashionable staplers you’ve ever seen.

If you are like me, you are always losing your stapler. I try to keep it in the same place, but many times when I reach for it, it’s been moved. I betcha no guy would steal my stapler off my desk if I had it disgusted as these pretty shoes! The office supply geek in your office is going to love these as much as I do. As you see in the diagram below, this stapler is also supposedly energy efficient. Other than the fact that it holds two rows of staples, I haven’t figured out how it saves energy yet. Haha You can purchase this stapler here for about $8.

[via Nerd Approved]