Freakish Urban Improv: Super Mario Kart In Real Life!

I have seen quite a lot of geeky things after such a long time here at Bit Rebels.  But, I never cease to be amazed at the creativity people are able to churn out from their head domes.  Not only is it truly inspiring to watch the awesome artsy posts that Diana writes and shares, but the cool and never before seen crazy stuff that people do to get attention through a viral video is insanely entertaining.  We have seen game characters come to life in the real world.  We’ve seen them go on interviews together and not get the job.  We’ve also seen space invaders in the corners of every block in Paris it seems.  The list could continue forever, and I suspect that it will keep becoming longer for each day that passes.

So what about Super Mario Kart in real life?  Well, I think you haven’t seen that one before have you?  To be completely honest with you, I haven’t either.  When I watched this video, I was glued to the screen cause it’s so amazingly cool and also freakishly dangerous, in a way, and we like dangerous here at Bit Rebels.  What would life be without a little bit of a daily thrill, right?

After you have watched this craziness, I am sure you will have to watch it again and again.  I certainly did, and I can’t stop watching it even now as I am writing.  It’s terrifyingly amusing, and the end of it has the right touch, cause seriously, you are not allowed to gamble with everyone’s life like this.  I could go on and on about this, but I am sure you already know it’s dangerous and illegal.  Nuff said!

Kart Driven To Fruit Stand

Kart Driven In Real Traffic