Builder Recreates Fully Functional Star Trek USS Enterprise Spaceship

I am a little ashamed to admit that I am not that bewildered in the Star Trek world, and that is partly why I wanted to feature this amazing build. A model builder on YouTube by the name of TheMiro59 has successfully built a fully functional USS Enterprise spaceship that can actually fly. Yup, if you thought you would never see this iconic spaceship fly in real life, well here is your chance. It is definitely one of the most eye-catching working model builds to date in our opinion.

I was pretty much set on the fact that I would never see the USS Enterprise fly in real life. Especially when you look at the ship’s features and how it is constructed. But TheMiro59 has been able to solve many of the problems and actually made it fly-worthy to the point where you will see it hurl across the sky in speeds that will at least remind you of warp speed.

Even though the ship starts out a little wobbly, at best, it stabilizes itself over time, and I think it has to do with the speed. The faster it goes the more stability you will have over it. Sure, this is just a model USS Enterprise, but the fact is that with all that lighting and awesome design it is a marvel to behold when it flies by. It is amazing what these model builders are able to create once their creativity is beyond what even you and I are capable of mustering. No doubt is it a feat in engineering and that alone is worth mentioning here at Bit Rebels.

Have a look at the two-part video of the USS Enterprise becoming a fly-worthy ship, and end the epic adventure by seeing it fly across the sky in its brilliant glory. It is a light show to behold and one that I am sure many people are going to call in as a spotted UFO phenomenon. Pure brilliance and mastery skills all combined. The USS Enterprise is finally flying, for real!

Fully Functional USS Enterprise – NCC-1701-D

USS Enterprise Functional Ship

USS Enterprise Functional Ship