Fully Working Nikon D3 Camera Cosplay Costume Is Sick

Are you a big cosplay fan? If you’re not, I am sure this article will change all that. Why? Well, because the genius of this costume is actually worth all the attention you can muster right now. Cosplay costumes comes in all forms, shapes and sizes and they just never cease to impress people from all over the world. It has become such a huge movement, and the community is buzzing with ideas for how to create them even more epically. I am not too involved in the community, but looking at it from outside gives you a pretty clear view of where it is all going. I believe we will see more electronics being incorporated into the costumes, and that we will see some never before seen magic happen.

I say this based on one particular costume, the Nikon D3 Camera cosplay suit. This badass creation comes from the brilliant and twisted photographer mind of Tyler Card, and it will rowdy up every single artistic feeling you have in your spine. Not only does it make for a huge laugh and an awesome costume, but it actually snaps a picture when you click the shutter button. And if you thought that was it, think again.

At the back of the camera, you will see the picture show on a huge display which makes the whole camera a fully working Nikon D3 that you will be able to wear. As I understand it, the camera saves all the images to a flash memory card that can later be downloaded to a computer. No doubt will this thing steal the spotlight at ANY party, and I am also sure that it will be the center point for the overall conversation for the entire evening. After all, you will be the documenting accessory of the night, and people love being in the center of things. Personally, I think it is a win-win for everyone! I am totally impressed by this creation, and I sure wouldn’t mind getting one of these for myself. Just wow!

Working Nikon D3 Camera Costume