Have Fun Diversifying By Starting A New Collection

Collectors aren’t just savvy investors; they’re fans too. They adore their collections, which increases the collection value. It’s worth more than just a specific dollar amount, but the financial aspect is important too (especially when you’re investing in your retirement).

Overall, collecting is an alternative investment that’s truly fun. And, the following collections appreciate value, so if you’re looking for something to sell at retirement or offer to an heir, you’ll find it in the categories below. Remember: for something to be considered a valuable collectible, there must be a demand for it, it must be rare, and it must be in good condition.

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Signatures Of Historical Figures

Imagine owning a piece of history. The RAAB Collection has historical autographs for sale, including the signatures of Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. Although a signature alone is valuable, signed letters, bills, trade agreements, and speeches are far more valuable. Consider this when building your collection.

Comic Books

Comic book nerds rejoice. Your ship has truly come in. Today, it seems everyone has a favorite comic book or graphic novel. Their popularity has increased, which means there are more buyers for rare collections. It’s unlikely you own one of the most valuable comic books, but if you do happen to have an original Superman lying around, you can expect to receive more than $5 million if you sell it at auction.

Packaged 90s Toys

Although opened 90s toys can fetch you a pretty penny, the unopened ones go for more. Vintage video games, [pullquote]Polly Pockets, and Furby’s are just a few examples of popular 90s toys.[/pullquote] Incredibly rare is a first edition, mint condition Charizard Holo card. The Pokemon card currently retails between $4600 and $8700. If you don’t have that, don’t worry. Your dusty copy of Beauty and the Beast on VHS will fetch a grand on eBay.

Keep in mind, traditional investment rules apply when it comes to investing in a new collection; that is, if you’re looking to collect for profit and not because you’re obsessed with something, you want to be focused on the future, and should have a good idea about what will increase in value and what won’t. Be open-minded, diversified, and don’t overspend on your collection. Set a budget, and stick to it. Like all investments, there’s no guarantees your collection’s price won’t tank.

Rare First Editions From Your Childhood

Do you have an old copy of Harry Potter lying around? Quick, go grab it. A first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone listing Joanne Rowling as the author (not JK Rowling) is estimated to be worth more than 50 grand. Other books from your childhood that are worth holding onto include The Hobbit, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Where the Wild Things Are, The Velveteen Rabbit, and Winnie the Pooh.


If you’ve been collecting stamps, good for you. Stamps can be incredibly valuable, and this is a hobby you can start at any time and for hardly any investment money at all. After all, even limited-edition stamps cost less than a dollar. You’ll have to pay a bit more for stamps that were collected by others and are considered highly valuable. October is National Stamp Collecting month, so put that on your calendar, and start your collection then if you haven’t already.

A collection is a great way to have fun and diversify your investments. If you’re collecting already, good for you. If not, you may want to consider one of the collections above or research other collections that are low-cost to start and known to yield a high return after many years.

Have Fun Diversifying By Starting A New Collection

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