Future Of Technology: Where Is It Heading [Infographic]

It’s easy to understand just why technology companies are starting to roll out their ideas about where technology is heading in the near future. They want to secure their own place on the map, and somewhat try to make people follow their developing line of ideas so they can get the most customers possible. It’s a well proven tactic that usually works. Even Apple is doing it, and they are probably the top achiever when it comes to “followers” of their future technology predictions. Of course, it is not bad to show people where technology could be heading, and we should look at it as our map of choices when looking, reading or hearing about what we can expect as far as gadgets, medicine and everything else that has a developing line throughout its business idea.

Michell Zappa studied these company events and put together a brilliant infographic on just where the technologies may head in the near future. It’s based upon the predictions from companies within the industries of Warfare, Biotech, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet, Money, Materials, Green Energy and Space. There are a ton more categories on this chart, so you should be able to find your interests right in there in the nest of predictions.

The time frame of all of this is of course as unsure as any predictions when it comes to technology. This is especially true now when we have a huge catastrophe in the top country of technological developments. Some of these technologies may be on the brink of being commercialized, while others are just predictions that companies see themselves entering in their future time line. It serves as a good guide to what companies around the world are working on and trying to make come true.

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The Future Of Technology Envisioned