Futuristic Glass Keyboard To Illuminate Your Desk In 2013

The chance that you are staring at an old and boring ordinary computer keyboard right at this moment is actually quite high. You know, those keyboards with plastic buttons carefully weighted with a little spring underneath each one and a sound that we have all heard before. There is nothing wrong with that of course. Pretty much everyone uses one of these old pieces of technology in order to interact with their computer. There should be some kind of innovation that will enable us to at least upgrade the visual aspect of it all. As it turns out, now there is! The Luminae is a new kind of glass keyboard that enables unlimited customizable keyboard layouts. It all comes as a beautifully curved glass keyboard.

It seems that the button will soon be a memory when it comes to keyboards. Instead, we are typing on flat surfaces that have an intricate touch sensitive layer which can also be used to navigate the cursor on the screen. Does this sound familiar? That’s because it is, we just haven’t utilized it to its full potential yet. Touch sensitive keyboards, especially glass keyboards, are not a new invention. However, they could very well become the successor to the ordinary and ultimately boring “analog” keyboard.

A new kind of glass keyboard was recently introduced, and it has some quite geeky features. To start with, the surface of this glass keyboard is curved, which gives it a more ergonomic typing position. It’s illuminated with light pipes which give it one heck of a science fiction feel. It also has 3 built-in cameras that will track your hand movements over the keyboard, thus making it ultra accurate. I wouldn’t be surprised if this keyboard, dubbed the “Luminae,” will have its cameras track our gestures as well in the future. That could potentially make it the ultimate Minority Report inspired keyboard.

If you are looking for a way more futuristic keyboard, this glass keyboard is definitely for you. It also enables unlimited customizable keyboard layouts, which you as a user draw up and have Luminae send to you. It doesn’t only bring a sci-fi feel to your interaction with your computer, but also a way to stay more healthy. The ability to just wipe it off each day (since it is a glass keyboard), makes it one of the most “healthy” keyboards on the market. This glass keyboard’s price tag is currently set at $500.00. We all need a little bit more science fiction in our lives, don’t you think?

Luminae – Futuristic Touch Glass Keyboard