Gamer Beats Super Mario 64 With His Feet [Video]

Today when everything on the gaming scene is about first person shooters and fancy graphics, I sometimes just want to take on the retro bosses I once owned like they were my Sunday dinner. I am sure we can all remember when we had our first boss fight and how thrilling that was. Well, maybe not, but I am sure it was thrilling because if you are a gamer of stature, that was probably the moment when you realized games were one of the most fun things you could do as a hobby or just to entertain yourself. Some people took it to the extreme and started a streak of continuously playing games to beat them as fast as they possibly could, one after the other.

Then there are people out there who are the extreme of the extremes, if you know what I mean. They start playing around with new difficulty “settings” outside of the game, in real life. YouTuber Vicas3 is one of those people who truly knows how to raise the bar when it comes to playing computer games, especially Super Mario 64. What he does is to completely own the game by playing with his feet.

Yup, you heard me right, with his FEET. The impressive feat (get it? hehe) is one of those “holy shit” moments when you realize that your killer style and kick ass score has nothing on this guy bringing the illest gamer skills imaginable. I guess we’ll all have to practice a whole lot more in order to even come close to the geeky awesomeness this guy showcases. Another funny part to the video is that a couple of his friends are totally narrating it which makes it a whole lot more fun to watch. How can you not be impressed by this kind of gameplay? I mean, I sure wouldn’t want to be the guy playing after this guy… if you know what I mean.

Playing Super Mario With Feet