Geek Alert: The Back To The Future Delorean Hard Drive!

Omg, I love this! Are you familiar with Flash Rods? They hand build flash drives and hard drives into the coolest cars ever. This time, they’ve outdone themselves.

Back to the Future is a classic movie that will always be in the top ten of my favorites. I remember having the biggest crush on Michael J. Fox when I was fourteen years old. One of the best parts of that movie was the always the car.

My friends and I all dreamed of riding in a Delorean time machine one day. I remember when my parents bought a new refrigerator; my little sister took the cardboard box and made her own Delorean time machine. She played with it in the living room until it finally fell apart. Now we can relive those childhood memories in the most ultimately geeky way. Flash Rods recently released their 1:18 Delorean stainless steel hard drive car! This super detailed car took four years to engineer, and it is obviously the pride and joy of Flash Rods.

According to their website, “The integrated Seagate 500GB hard drive and high speed connectivity make this one of the coolest hard drives cars we have ever made.” I completely agree! You can pick up one of these badboys here for $250. Props!

[via Doobybrain]