Geek Cakes.. Nom Nom!

Found some awesome geek cakes! Baked and designed by SweetTooThFairy.   A real treat for the Geek at heart.  I think anyone who is into gaming would love this Halo3 Cake. Baking cakes have never remained the same especially after the gaming industry took off. We see a number of cakes baked in honour of controllers, consoles and even video games. Xbox has had its share of cakes and sweets and one of them that we had earlier featured is the geeky Xbox 360 Cake. A combination of inactive life in front of the console and gobbling calorie ridden cakes is a sinful combination of sloth and gluttony.   You can also give an iPhone cake to your friends.  I bet they will adore you for it.

3917869824_49189942c6The iPhne cake was designed as well by The SweetToothFairy.  The story of the Sweet Tooth Fairy™ is as old as the love of family—because that is where the Sweet Tooth Fairy™ learned about the magic of sweets.      Some of Megan Faulkner Brown’s earliest memories are of sitting up to the counter helping her mom make cookies. Growing up in Megan’s house, no one was ever too young to help, or learn for that matter. From her mother, Megan discovered exactly what color chocolate chip cookies should be when they emerge from the oven. She learned just how a brownie should feel as it pulls away from the pan, and the perfect texture for the crest of a golden cupcake.

Megan realized quickly that a cookie can bring a smile to just about any face. The ability of something so small to brighten someone’s day inspired a love and appreciation for homemade treats that she has cultivated into a full-blown obsession.


And for the ultimate geek, as they say, marriages are made in heaven but a Xbox 360 Wedding Cake can only be made on Earth. That’s right folks, after the craze for all those Xbox mods this new craze has hit the town. Having a Xbox 360 gaming console cake on your wedding might just be the perfect thing for any gaming freak.