Retro Geek Paradise: Your Own NES Living Room Design

You know we are retro geeks here at Bit Rebels, and we love writing about anything that takes us back to the days of the NES. That was a special era, and if you are an NES fan too, you know what I mean. But how big of a fan are you? How far would you go to show the world that you haven’t forgotten about your original NES? Would you go so far as to get an NES living room design for your home? If so, now you can actually do that.

Geeks tend to decorate their lairs a bit differently than non-geeks. We’ve featured NES coffee tables and NES artwork that you could hang in your living room before, but this is for the ultimate NES fan. This is an entire living room design dedicated to your beloved NES. You may think this seems a little extreme, but it’s all relative if you know what I mean. For example, this living room design is nothing compared to the geek who turned his whole apartment into the Star Trek Voyager starship. You can see those pictures at The Real Life Star Trek Bachelor Pad.

This NES living room design might not help with your love life, but it will sure satisfy your inner retro geek. It was created by the PixelArtStudios Etsy Store. According to Etsy, “This living room set is almost done – NES coffee table, 2 huge cartidge intablets, 2 giant NES controller coasters and 2 hand crafted wooden wall art pieces – systems are mounted inside table to play all NES and SNES games – all hand painted.”

They will soon be posting more pictures once the project is completed. If you want to geek it up with this living room design, it will cost you $1,350. Just one word of advice though, make sure your significant other is a huge NES fan too before you buy this. If he or she isn’t, you could have a little explaining to do…

The Partially Completed NES Living Room Design

It’s still in construction – Click images to enlarge them





Via: [Incredible Things] [Technabob]