Geek Speak | How to upgrade your Webslang to Web 2.0

After watching and reading the highly interesting post by Susan Elaine Cooper “Do Not Feed The Trolls” I was inspired to find out how everyone can get up to par with the ever changing webslang. Words emerge all the time that slightly makes it harder for novice Internet users to stay along with a conversation and it’s most important to update yourself every now and then. It ain’t always the best thing to keep blasting out the same “Geek Speak” that were used about a decade ago. Sure, some words stick because they are convenient and fast to type but some are really just blunt and non impressive anymore.

Make sure you follow the trends when it comes to words used by prominent and highly respected geek speakers. This way you can be sure to always be one of the hip people. It’s no longer cool to be geek. It’s cool to be geek and not tell people about it. It’s all about actions nowadays. What can you bring to the table and what can you do to make the lives easier for everyone else? As of right now I am sure pretty much everyone puts @jack, @Ev and @Biz at the throne of Geekville and with the amount of cool things they probably have in the pipeline I am sure it will stay that way for a while now.

So, what can you do to up your skills and become one of the hip non fronting geeks? Well, for starters you can start following the peeps with the beeps, @iamkhayyam, @mayhemstudios, @kim, @buzzedition and also don’t forget @andysowards who is an über geek with a great sense for what’s hip behind the scenes (meaning coding).

Oh, and to further push you to a great start watch this clip and make sure to live by the rules: “You ain’t a geek until you know the tweak”. Enjoy!