Behold…The Geekiest LEGO Clock Ever Will Inspire Your Creativity

There are LEGO clocks, and then there are LEGO clocks if you know what I mean. This thing is sick! I only had to watch a few seconds of this ball clock to understand its brilliance. Of course it’s not for sale anywhere, but I invite you to join me and marvel over the pictures and this video. This is a LEGO ball clock entirely created out of LEGO. If you are a fan of mathematics, this is going to twist your mind, in a good way.

LEGO master Jason Allemann created this clock, and it tells time with the use of those small balls. If you’ve never seen a ball clock before, what that means is that in order to know what time it is, you have to count the balls. I know, it’s not the quickest most optimized way to tell time, but that’s not the point. The point is, this takes the whole inspiration behind LEGO and time and combines them into one of the sweetest LEGO builds I’ve ever seen. I hope you agree.

According to Jason, “It does not keep accurate time in the video. I just wanted to show off the mechanical components of the clock. In the video, it is running off a standard LEGO 9V motor, which ends up picking up a ball every 55 seconds. In order to keep accurate time, an actual timing motor / controller has to be used. This could easily be done using the LEGO Mindstorms system.”

There are no markings on this LEGO clock, but if for some reason you would need those, you could also add those easily. In the video, Jason shows what that might look like, although he prefers the look without the numbers visible. You can read more about this on True Dimensions and see more pictures on Flickr. Just shut up and take my money, please.

This LEGO Clock Will Inspire You With Its Creativity


Via: [Geek]