Geeks: Wake Up To This Lego Alarm Clock!

I am the type of person who is dependent on an alarm clock to wake up every morning. I know some people hate using alarm clocks since they kinda jolt us out of bed. It’s especially annoying when we are having a good dream, and it gets cut short with the blaring sound of our clock.

However, if being on time is your priority, then your alarm clock can be your best friend! What is wonderful these days is that there is a wide range of designs that we can choose from. There is no reason for us to have a boring one.

If you love LEGO, you will probably like this alarm clock. It’s the LEGO Brick Alarm Clock. It comes with an AM/FM radio, a digital LCD back light and a huge snooze button just in case you want those extra few minutes to sleep. This alarm clock is designed to look like the LEGO bricks that we love, and they come in cool colors too. Now waking up does not need to be boring. Besides, since the design is so cool, it can be a great addition to your room decor. Geeks won’t mind waking up to this type of alarm clock. I know I wouldn’t mind it at all!