Geeky Granny Inspiration: Adorable Crocheted Androids

I love grannies. They are so cute and fun to talk to, especially when they start telling stories about when they were young. I love geeky grannies even better. Geeky grannies are usually the grammas who have Facebook accounts to keep in touch with their grandchildren, and they own iPads. Many times geeky grannies also own smartphones, whereas most grannies still have a regular cell phone. My own granny has a regular cell phone which she “saves to use only in emergencies.” So cute.

I recently wrote about the oldest known Facebook user and geek alive. It was a story about Lillian Lowe, a 104-year-old Facebook user who truly warmed my heart. Today I’m writing about something that makes me think of my own great-granny, and I hope she will read this article. This super cute little crocheted Android figure looks like something she would crochet and send to all her grandchildren.

I remember she sent me some mittens one year that she crocheted which looked similar to this. They were annoyingly itchy and tight on my hands, but I wore them everyday anyway because it just seemed like the right thing to do. Since I just got my Verizon iPhone in the mail yesterday (Yay!!), I will be saying goodbye to my Android phone soon. I wouldn’t mind having one of these little Droids on my desk to remind me of all the fun my Android phone and I had together. If you would like to get one of these for yourself, you can buy one at the Bethsco Store for $25. You can also get the pattern to make one yourself at the Bethsco Blog.

Geeky Granny Crochet Android

Via: [Android Central]