The Oldest Known Facebook User and Geek Alive

I love little old ladies, and I think this is the cutest story ever. Lillian Lowe has two big reasons to celebrate. She is about to turn 104 years old and she has just been crowned the oldest Facebook user in the world.

The reason she is known as a cyber-granny, also known as Supergran to her family, isn’t just because she is on Facebook. In my opinion, she may also be the oldest known geek. After all, she updates her status from an iPad she borrowed from her son. She is waiting for the iPad 2 to come out to purchase her own.

According to World Must Be Crazy, she talks about how “Apple 1” was launched in 1976, followed by the “Osborne 1” in 1981, the first version of Windows in 1985, and Google Earth. And, yes, just for the record, she remembers when the Titanic sank in 1912 (and I don’t mean she remembers watching the movie). She originally got on Facebook to keep up with her 7 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Being the oldest Facebook user is a new status for Lillian. That accolade previously belonged to Ivy Bean who was also 104. Ivy had 5,000 friends on Facebook and 56,300 followers on Twitter, but she died in her sleep in July.

This is Ivy Bean, the previous record holder who recently died in her sleep.

Via: [Time, World Must Be Crazy] Header Image Credit: [Bannykh Alexey Vladimirovich / Shutterstock]