Be My Player Two: The Geeky Super Mario Marriage Proposal

We’ve featured a lot of geek marriage proposals on Bit Rebels before. This other Super Mario Proposal from a year ago where the guy printed hundreds of pieces of paper and taped them to his living room walls to look like the game was pretty much known as the geekiest proposal at that time. That video has over a million views. But I still think my favorite one to date has to be the Marriage Proposal In LEGO Stop Motion. I never knew a LEGO stop motion video could be so emotional, but I get all teary-eyed every time I watch that one.

The marriage proposal I’d like to share with you today comes in the form of five simple pictures which say it all. The girl who created this proposed to her boyfriend. Yes, that girl loves Super Mario, she is artistic, she is creative and she had big enough balls to propose to her man. Hopefully he said yes because she’s a keeper! If he didn’t, I’m sure it’s game over.

Now I wonder if they’ll dress as Peach and Mario for their wedding. If they do, I hope they post pictures so we can do a follow-up article about them. This simple box (which could probably use some coins) oozes romantic warm and fuzzies, and it’s another geeky marriage proposal that will keep me smiling all day long. If you are looking for an adorably geeky way to ask your guy or girl to marry you, perhaps this will give you some creative inspiration. If you were proposed to this way, would you say yes? If you are a guy, would you have a problem with your girl proposing to you instead of the other way around? Thank you to my dear friend @MarySarahMusic for sending this to me!

The Romantically Geeky Super Mario Marriage Proposal


Via: [Buzzfeed] Image Credits: [Imgur]