Geeky Ways To Write Messages!

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be very busy all the time, like 24 hours in a day is not enough? Everything seems to be so fast paced that we tend to forget things, or we tend to be gone from home a lot of the time. Because of this trend, people leave messages on our phones. We write messages on post-it-notes to remind us of tasks we need to accomplish, or we write messages for others so they can remember to do things as well.

I often carry a large number of post-it-notes in different colors so I can categorize my tasks, bookmark a page in my calendar book, or take notes for the day so that I will not forget to do something. I found some very cool geeky items to leave messages or write notes on. I think they are so much fun to have. One of the items even allows a person to leave subtle or not so subtle hints to the recipient of the note. Think Geek has some very cool stuff that I have featured on here. My favorite is the IM in UR blank t-shirt, which one is yours?

Main Image Source -Love Message

Get The Hint Mini Sticky Notes Sticky notes point out the obvious.  3 styles, including one with lots of the F word.  Great for people who hate their jobs.  Sells for $4.99 each

Peel and Stick White Board –  Peel and stick wherever you need a white board.  Can be repositioned up to 5 times.  Works with any dry erase marker.  Sells for $9.99

IM in UR Blank –  Technology evolves quickly. Let your shirt keep up with our new write-on, wash-off tribute to this prolific Internet phenomenon. Comes with a washable marker so you can write and reuse! It’ll be in ur closet tauntin’ ur inferior shirts. Sells for $19.99