Get Creative – Pimp Your Pizza Cutter

My 9-year-old son eats pizza at least four times a week. If I’m a coffee-holic, he is definitely a pizza-holic. Sometimes we order it to be delivered, but for a more healthy option, many times we make it at home.

I gotta admit, after making so many pizzas in his lifetime, it’s getting monotonous. I need to do something to spice up my pizza experience with him.

I started thinking about the pizza cutter. I always cut his pizza with a fork and knife. Surely there would be a way to have a little more fun with that, right? Yes, there is! I found a bunch of fun pizza cutters to share with you! Now I can bring the fun back to preparing pizza again. Oh, and while we are on the topic of pizza, do you want to see how we will order pizza in the future? #creepy Click here.

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