Ghostbusters Movie Scene & Ghost Trap Recreated In LEGO

Ghostbusters is in my top ten list of ’80s movies. It’s a comedy, but it came out when I was a kid, and I remember being scared when I first watched it. The cast of the Ghostbusters movie is made up of extraordinary people, and I’m sure that contributes to the movie’s greatness. I stumbled across a few Ghostbuster creations made out of LEGO this weekend when I was on Flickr, and I decided it would be fun to compile a few Ghostbuster LEGO treats to share with you today.

These Ghostbuster movie LEGO builds and minifigs are all fabulous. I wish a LEGO master would create Sigourney Weaver’s character floating above the bed. That would definitely be worth checking out! Like I said, all of these are amazing, but the LEGO ghost trap (the first picture below) is probably the best one. It doesn’t have the foot petal controller on it, but it is life-sized, which is very impressive.

The Ghostbusters minifigs below are also very creative. There is a German motorcycle driver minifig in one of the Indiana Jones sets, and that is what deviantART user Raggletag used for the body. The hair is the standard LEGO hair helmet, and the other doo-dads are made from things like buttons and twist ties. Each one was hand painted and glued so it would look just right.

Last but not least, you’ll see a Ghostbusters ghost trap USB drive below. It’s not made out of LEGO, but I couldn’t resist including it in this article. I wish so much that it existed, but for now, it is just a very fun concept design. Looking at all these makes me want to find my old Ghostbusters movie so I can watch it again. Some movies never get old. Star Wars and Star Trek are like that…and the Ghostbusters movie is also in that category. Enjoy!

Ghostbusters Movie Ghost Trap Recreated In LEGO

(made by Flickr user Profound Whatever)
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Don’t Cross The Streams!

(Created by Bill Ward – Posted by Flickr user Solo)
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Ghostbusters Movie Themed LEGO

(Created by the Texas LEGO Users Group – Posted by Flickr user Christopher_Brown)
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The Ghostbusters From Ghostbusters

(Created by deviantART user Raggletag)
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Ghostbusters Ghost Trap USB Drive

This isn’t made out of LEGO, but it’s definitely worthy of including
Instead of transporting ghosts, you transport data
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