Girls Of Geek Calendar Preview Pic

This is a little bit of an odd subject, but I thought it would interest some of you. We never pass up (almost never at least) the opportunity to help promote awesome photographers who keep their minds young and their inspiration fresh. This is especially true when they turn to the community of geeks to share some much needed planning space on paper (if you know what I mean). I am of course talking about a calendar, and what it could do to your to-do list if you are keeping it nice and tidy. I am always scrambling to meet the demands on my list, and I usually fail miserably to finish all the topics on it. I am starting to think I am being a little too optimistic when it comes to how much I will be able to do with the limited amount of time each day.

There is a new calendar project being put together by photographer and Twitter personality bobsuicide, and I am sure it will speak to a lot of people out there, at least if you’re into girls on a calendar. The project in itself is called “Girls of Geek,” and it’s like your usual pin-up calendar that boys in their teens used to put up on their walls or in their lockers. Each month there is a new girl for your viewing pleasure, and if you were a geek in the ’80s (since movies portrayed them back then), you will probably jump on this like it was the next level of computing.

Recently bobsuicide released a preview of what the calendar will look like, and one image was released to the public. By the looks of it… it’s geeky, yes and it’s a girl… also yes. So basically it’s a modern day pin-up calendar aimed at nerds and geeks. I wonder if the world is still under the impression that a geek or a nerd can’t get a girl, and as a result we need a calendar to get at least the viewing pleasure of the opposite gender. Well, times have changed I guess, so we’ll see how this incarnation does. Poll question: Did you have a similar calendar when you were a teenager? Be honest.

Girls of Geek Calendar preview