Google Earth’s Secret Places

I have been checking out Google Earth a lot lately. Purely for personal reasons. Even though the major cities don’t have much to offer as far as mysterious signs, blocked out zones or otherwise there are still a TON of secret and mysterious places on earth that I am pretty much sure you didn’t know about. I have tried to round up some of the ones I could find in an attempt to solve or unveil the secrets of these places.

A favorite of mine is of course Area 51. Does it exist on the Google Earth map? Do you see what the government is trying to deny all the way to their last penny? Is there any interesting crop circles photographed on the map? All of these questions are quite interesting as they are all there. Or there might actually be the wrong word. They are “there” in a sense of blocked out, visible, changed, modified etc. I wonder what the criteria have to be in order for them to take your house off the map. Literally that is. I mean, if I lived in a house and supposedly wanted it not to be seen on the map. Do I have any chance of actually getting my will through? I guess not. Maybe it is just a government thing.

But anyways, here are a bunch of secret locations and mysterious places on our beloved blue planet. Take it all in for soon enough we might not be able to spectate it’s beauty anymore. Enjoy!