Google Wave: A Dizzy Business Meeting

Recently, we had our first BitRebels business meeting on Google Wave. Although, I am not sure how much “business” was being conducted with the dizziness of all included. As much of a tech-junkie group we all are, it was more like we all passed the peace-pipe around and wandered into a closed-door meeting of great minds and stumbling feet.

Google Wave is something that certainly takes some getting used to. There were 5 of us (maybe 6) having different conversations all over the page. At one point I said “where did everyone go?”. After thinking the other members left, I realized I was the lone-ranger talking to myself while the other Rebels were chatting away down below.

Hey, did you know you can drag and drop images into the wave? Yeah, Rob and I gave that a shot… easy. But, plop in a picture of the kids and you can instantly sidetrack any good progress going on in a wave meeting. The meeting came to an end after a quick game of “hide-and-seek” by letting Clement and Misty try and find me typing in random spots around the Wave. This is what business meetings should be like, right?

google-wave2I’ll sum up this first business meeting with a “that was fun” – because it was. Maybe all business meetings are not quite as entertaining as those at Bit Rebel, Co. but then again we do things a “bit” differently. Google Wave is an online tool with a great ability to do something that other social applications lack – improve conversation. With a little practice, Wave is a great tool to conduct a face-to-face (or icon-to-icon) online meeting. Is Google Wave the next Twitter or Facebook? Nope. But it’s at least worth a conversation.