Grass Sandals Will Let You Feel The Summer Under Your Feet

Maybe you will agree with me when I say that summer couldn’t come soon enough. There’s actually a bit of snow here, and the lead is bouncing around underneath zero Celsius. It’s not too cold, but it’s cold enough to make you want to sip that hot cup of tea just a little bit longer. It’s times like these that I dream away to warmer days. I maybe even dream of a day on the beach, just chillin out with no cares in the world to worry about. That time is only a few months away, but for the impatient people, that can be far enough away to start going a little bit nuts. So what can you do while you wait for the pleasant warm rays of the sun and the fresh summer air to hit your existence?

Just have a look at this genius little invention by Kusa Shoes. They have actually created a pair of grass sandals that will allow you to feel the grass between your toes even though it’s not summer just yet. The idea itself isn’t exactly a new one. It has surfaced before, but never in such a sleek format. This pair of sandals is so out there that they could actually work. I am sure many of you are going to rush to the site to get your own pair. After all, every geek wants to be first when it comes to a new rad idea.

You will be able to get them now for just $29.95 over at their online store. I suggest you hurry because these are going to go really fast. There are a few months left until the summer is here, and I bet there are a lot of people out there who are tired of having to lace up their winter shoes just to take out the trash. Well, these won’t actually allow you to feel any warmer if you are taking out the trash, but they are pretty neat and could definitely enhance your mood and the in-house experience you might have to endure for another few months.

Kusa Shoe Grass Sandals Concept

Kusa Shoe Grass Sandals Concept

Kusa Shoe Grass Sandals Concept

Via: [Dornob]