Gulp: The World’s Largest Stop Motion Video

We have covered quite a lot of stop motion videos here on Bit Rebels, and they are always entertaining and creative. Stop motion is a really cool way to shoot a short video or perhaps a longer feature film such as A Nightmare Before Christmas. The methods are the same, and basically what it means is that you have an object you carefully move for each frame you shoot. It’s like taking a bunch of photographs and then moving your object of interest slightly for each photograph you take. It’s a really simple and powerful way of making a video; however, it is ultimately time consuming to say the least.

Sand artists managed to create the world’s largest ever recorded stop motion video, and they call it Gulp. Using just a Nokia N8, they spent a long time making all the movements on a beach, and they used 11,000 feet as their canvas. That is an amazing creation if you ask me, and the result is really impressive as well. There is even a Making Of if you are interested in seeing it. It sheds even more light on how the process was completed by this fleet of creative people.

I have seen a lot of stop motion videos during my time here on Bit Rebels, but this one has to be the coolest one yet. Everything is spot on, and the scale of it is hard to take in. Making up all the movements carefully isn’t exactly what this is all about. There are the issues of the footsteps from the artists themselves that have to be covered up every time they changed something. As you can imagine, it quickly becomes a hell of a job, and to say it must have been easy would be stupid. You have to agree that this video is impressive even though you can’t see the ultimate scale until you have seen the “making of” video or the end footage of the Gulp video. Is this your next endeavor when you go to the beach?

Largest Stop Motion Video Gulp

Largest Stop Motion Video Gulp

Via: [Dude Craft]