Hacked IKEA Coffee Table Has A Set Of Trains

Some people find IKEA to be compulsively tacky, while others love it with a passion. The thing is, IKEA actually isn’t that bad. Yeah, some things they market are pure crap. I would be considerably stupid if I didn’t agree to that, but there is so much you can do with the stuff that you get from IKEA which you might not ever even think about. Forget the ordinary uses, and try to implement that lump of goo inside the skull you wear on top of your body. Hacking isn’t just about coding some cool app to market on many different channels on the Internet, or illegally breaking into the library’s computer to change the dates back to the 1900th, it’s as much a part of the world as any ordinary customization that you might undertake.

The fact is that most of IKEA’s “stuff” is hackable, and to a very high degree I must add. Just think outside the box, and you will find that your home is going to be even more unique than if you decided to buy copies of IKEA’s furniture at Crate and Barrel for three times as much. Or is it the other way around, I no longer remember.

A modern interior design hacker named Jaxan has come up with a brilliant hack that might get you over the edge of that insecurity you’re hiding behind. A push in the right direction might get you “hacking” yourself, and all of a sudden you will find yourself becoming a home decorating professional. This IKEA coffee table called “Liatorp” in the store has been hacked to fit a set of trains, some houses, and pretty much a small scale landscape. If this doesn’t get your guests to marvel over the uber creativity, I don’t really know what will.

After checking this hack out, I am quite inspired to do a little bit of IKEA hacking myself. I must start checking out their website to see what is affordable and hackable at the same time. Then again, pretty much everything over there is affordable, it’s the quality and the lesser luxurious look of their things that bothers me when I go there. Most of their stuff is not only cheap, but it looks quite tacky as well. I bought a huge mirror there a few years ago. It’s one that had a frame made out of solid oak. Today they have the same mirror; however, the framing is made out of some second grade packard up paper frame that not only feels wrong, but it looks down right tacky. But then again, that’s only my own opinion.

Ikea Liatorp Hacked Coffee Table

Ikea Liatorp Hacked Coffee Table

Ikea Liatorp Hacked Coffee Table


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