Ham Dogger: Transform Your Hamburger Into A Hot Dog

I’ve been seeing hot dog stuff all over the Internet lately. I don’t know why, but it seems hot dogs are popular at the moment. Ever since I heard Dr. Oz say that eating a hot dog is as bad for us as smoking a cigarette, I haven’t eaten one. But, then again, I’m sure the 6-pack of diet Dr. Pepper I drink each day, and the mint chocolate chip ice cream I can’t stop eating isn’t helping either. Just the other day I wrote about Twinkie Hot Dogs. They are the cutest little hot dogs which are created by stuffing Tootsie Rolls into a sliced Twinkie. I could eat those suckers faster than I just typed that sentence about them. Today I’d like to share with you another kind of hot dog, or hot dog gadget really. It’s called the Ham Dogger.

If you have ever wanted your hamburgers to be hot dogs, or your hot dogs to look like hamburgers, or something like that, you are going to love this. This little contraption makes ham dogs in the Ham Dogger. For the bargain price of 7 bucks, this thing will neatly turn your hamburger meat into a hot dog shape. You may be wondering why someone would want to make a ham dog with a Ham Dogger instead of just making a regular hamburger or hot dog. Well, first of all, it’s cool to make long burger and confuse everyone at your barbeque. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Secondly, I think most people like this because it allows them the flexibility to create burgers in whatever shape they need so they’ll match the buns they have. We all know how frustrating it can be to run out of hamburger buns while we have extra hot dog buns. Shoot… I still get frustrated that they don’t put the same number of hot dog buns in the package as there are hot dogs. Someday maybe the world we live in will advance to the point where both of those things match.

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Via: [Technabob]