Hands Free Umbrella | Half the Cool of Bubble Boy!

Here in Sweden it doesn’t rain as much as in, for example, England. Here, as everywhere else, we use the ordinary umbrella and so far it has worked great. But there are days that you wish you were enclosed in a plastic confined area where the rain could never reach you no matter how much it tries. The umbrella has been the same since as long as I can remember and it hasn’t really been re-invented until now.

Maybe you are now trying to figure out what you could do to further enhance an already ultimate shield for rain and sun and can’t really pinpoint what could be done. Well, then you are not like the designers over at “NU Brella” who just came out with their pretty geeky next generation umbrella called just that – “Nu Brella”.

It’s a kind of unfolding umbrella which you wear on your shoulders enabling you to use both hands without having to worry about holding an umbrella to shield you. The “dome” is also shielding against germs and other viruses that can spread through the air. I guess you could call this invention a half bubble boy contraption. Maybe if people started using this thing it would actually become cool. But if I would see anyone walking around in such a thing I think I would stretch the smile a bit because of how it looks. No doubt it is a great invention and could possibly yield far less accidents when people take the bike to work or are talking on the phone while they walk. Retailing for only just under $30 I am sure some people will see the benefit of it. I can, however would I use it?