Happy 35th Anniversary Star Wars [2 Timeline Infographics]

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow, on May 25th, it will be exactly 35 years since Star Wars was first introduced to the world. I wonder if anyone back then had any idea about how that movie and all the ones that followed in the series would affect the world and multiple generations like it did. It’s truly a movie that has inspired and united geeks around the world, and that inspiration is as strong today as ever.

You know we are huge Star Wars fans here on Bit Rebels, and we use any excuse we can to write about it. I just checked in WordPress, and we’ve written almost 500 articles about Star Wars so far.

I hope it never ends, and I hope we end up with thousands of articles about it before it’s all said and done. Have you ever wondered where George Lucas got the idea for Star Wars in the first place? According to Newsarama, “It all began in the early 1970s when young filmmaker George Lucas wanted to bring back “Flash Gordon,” a space hero serial from the 1930s, as a feature film. Rights to the property could not be secured, so instead, Lucas decided to make a new fantasy film in the same spirit of swashbuckling adventure.” It’s a great example of how everything happens for a reason!

Please take a walk down memory lane with me and enjoy these two timeline infographics which will definitely make you smile with geeky delight. One is called The First 35 Years Of Star Wars (created by Newsarama) and the other one is simply called Star Wars Facts (created by School Grants Blog for This Blog Rules). I hope Star Wars lives on forever. I know it will inside of me.