Harry Potter In South Park: Worlds Collide

It’s evident that people are gearing up for the resolution of the Harry Potter movie franchise. We’ve seen some trailers for the last movie coming out this July, and it looks nothing less than awesome. Yeah, I know some people don’t even like Harry Potter, but the box office numbers don’t lie. It’s one of the most successful movie franchises in the world, and the last movie will probably become an epic one. Through the years we have seen quite a lot of Harry Potter spoofs, jokes and creations that are beyond creative, and we are most likely going to see a burst of them as the release date of this last movie gets closer. And, maybe even after the movie has been released we’ll see more since the whole thing will probably be a huge target for some rather awesome jokes.

What if the saga of the young wizard was not to end? What would become of it? Would there be anything that we haven’t seen before that we could mix up with it to make it even more interesting? Well, of course there is. Artist, joke manufacturer and deviantART user Sam Frank (or so he is called on the deviantArt profile), certainly knows what could be the next step for the Harry Potter franchise.

Don’t expect it to be anything less than ridiculously hilarious though, and it probably wouldn’t fit with the original theme of the series. This one is all about South Park of course. It would be great to see the South Park guys do an entire Harry Potter episode where all of these characters that Sam created are featured. That would be a must show here on Bit Rebels, and we will definitely keep an eye out for that, if that ever happens that is. You must admit that these characters are spot on. However, Sam points out that the glasses on Percy are missing, and he apologizes for that.

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Harry Potter In South Park