Harry Potter Inspired LEGO Sets!

Harry Potter is one series that both adults and kids love to watch (movies) and read (books). I never thought I would love watching Harry Potter at first because I thought it was something that only kids would like. The first time I got to see it, I was amazed at the effects. The story was captivating. Seeing the stars growing up before our eyes was also something that gave the movie its charm. The series has put everyone on the edge of their seats, much like we get when watching Star Wars, or another favorite of mine, Lord of the Rings.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will love these new toys from LEGO! The sets of LEGO come with the usual bricks that we all love, and the Harry Potter characters that we have come to know too. Now you can create your own world and play for hours. LEGO is known to be a toy that both the young and old like. I always believe that we can never be too old to play with LEGO. They are such good teaching tools for creativity as well. You have 3 sets to choose from the LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Match,  the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express and the LEGO Harry Potter Hagrids Hut. The play sets are unique in such a way that they have parts that light up, moving parts and a game too. No matter what you choose to play with, it is guaranteed to allow you to create your own Harry Potter world right in your own living room.

Image Source [Anyka / Shutterstock]