Star Wars Kid’s Alphabet: Learn Quick You Must Young One!

Sometimes the world is more awesome that I already thought it was. Then there are times when I wonder if it will ever be as good as it was before, but it always seems to push me in the right direction when I least expect it to. The inspiration we feel from day to day could spring up from many different sources, but for a designer, it is almost always either usability or visual. When short on energy or inspiration, we often seek out a favorite website to look at new designs by other artists or old ones to get us back on track with what we are doing. It doesn’t really matter because for me, it has more to do with not thinking about what you have to do for a minute and then the new ideas will hit you like a sledgehammer.

If that happened to the awesomest couple on the face of the planet I don’t know, but Emma and Brandon Peat created something as awesome as a Star Wars Kid’s Alphabet. What can I say? The creation of different character cards, all in Star Wars, and doing it in this creative way, is just genius. They would definitely do well by getting a license to sell these cause I would be the first one getting them and plastering them on my daughter’s bedroom wall.

And if you’re worried about them incorporating any characters from the new movies, you have nothing to worry about. These are all characters from the three original movies (in my opinion the best ones). I will definitely monitor this project and hope they will acquire a license to print these cause they are too good to be held from the world. Totally fantabulous! These show how true fans of Star Wars truly can make a difference.