Have a Boy Car? Buy Him a Mustache!

Is your car a girl or a boy? I mean, when you talk about your car, do you typically refer to it as a he or a she? Recently I wrote an article about eyelashes and eyeliner for girl cars. We haven’t featured anything special for the boy cars, until now…

If your boy car needs that little something extra to make him feel manly next to the cute little convertible at the red light, how about buy him a mustache… err… carstache?

According to Carstache, “Your first carstache feels like your first kiss, cold beer, snow cone and slow dance. It’s glorious!” As tacky as you may think these mustaches look, I still think they are better than those Christmas wreaths people strap to the hood of their car during the holidays. Talk about embarrassing your car and giving him a complex! Hmm… I have a boy car and a girl car. If I buy some eyelashes for my girl car and this mustache for my boy car, does that mean I have to worry about what might happen when they are alone together in the garage?