Heavy Cosplay: Sick Fallout 3 Power Armor Costume That Rules

The cosplay community is growing by the second. It’s becoming more and more advanced, and the costumes never seem to be too elaborate for anyone to create. They are taken straight from today’s games or from the legendary games of the past. However, they have one thing in common, and that’s the fact that they never cease to amaze you with their many details like the realism and the technology put into them to further bring forth their authenticity. The people behind these cosplay costumes or suits are sometimes as extraordinary as the suits themselves. The skills needed to assemble a suit that unmistakably looks exactly like the ones their characters use in the games they play are astounding really.

The creator of this amazing and kick ass Fallout 3 Power Armor Cosplay Suit remains unknown, but the fact that it looks to weigh in at about 300 pounds is beyond cred worthy. There is no telling what material was used to mimic the heavy metal (that for sure is bullet proof) but it sure looks truly awesome. I can imagine; however, that it’s some kind of plastic or stronger foam that’s easy enough to mold and cast to get the grittiness of the suit.

After that, it’s really just color and some major detail work, and the suit is done. Maybe “just” is a little bit of an understatement. I am sure it took many many hours to complete. What’s even more impressive is the mini gun created to match the awesomeness of the suit itself. Next year my biggest wish is to be able to borrow this suit for a Halloween party and simply kick ass. Own the party if you will. Own it!

Fallout Cosplay Costume Mini Gun

Upper Body Fallout Cosplay Costume

Fallout Cosplay Costume Helmet Closeup

Shoulder Armor Fallout Cosplay Costume

Fallout 3 Cosplay Armor Helmet

Fallout Cosplay Full Body Suit