Hello Kitty Now in Star Wars and Star Trek!

We have covered Hello Kitty and Star Wars quite a bit here on Bit Rebels. We’re not about to stop anytime soon because the urge and drive to produce new stuff within these categories are stronger than anything else it seems. People truly love Star Wars and Hello Kitty and it wouldn’t surprise me if we soon see a movie where both are present and fighting either against each other (a’la Jason and Freddy) or alongside each other (a’la Batman and Robin).

However, before that, there is already a different kind of approach to both brands. I guess you could call it “Hello Wars” if you like because that’s exactly what you think of when you first see these radical, however cool, figurines. There will, without a doubt, be a riot happening soon when people realize that Hello Kitty has stolen the “force” from Star Wars or Star Wars has stolen the “cuteness” from Hello Kitty, just to appeal to the not yet born children of the world.

So if you’re interested in getting a cross between Star Wars and Hello Kitty (for reasons that are definitely out of my thought pattern) then I guess this is what you will get. These are far out, geeky and ultimately teen-aged figurines to put on your screen at work or on a bookshelf at home, never to impress the girls you want to impress. However, maybe I am wrong, maybe they actually do impress. See, this is what this whole crossing brands is doing to me. It messes everything up!