Ho Ho Ho: The Ultimately Geeky Holiday Wreath!

I always have a wreath on my front door this time of year. I’m lucky because I never really had to learn how to make them. My mother loves to make fabulous wreaths, and she is kind enough to give me several of them throughout the year. It’s always a challenge for her because she knows I don’t like girly flowers, so she has to get creative with fruit, pine cones and other things to put inside each creation.

If you would like to make your own holiday wreath, I found a pretty good tutorial here.  I also enjoyed Richard’s article about how to create a wine cork Christmas wreath. That is a wreath with a lot of personality. It would make for some great conversation at any holiday party.

However, if I was going to make a Christmas wreath this year, I think I would have to choose something a little geekier than that. This wreath below made from out-dated computer crap is perfect! Hey Mom, check it out, no girly flowers! It’s geeky all the way, and I love it! If I made this myself, I would also add a few video cards, some cool USB flash drives, maybe a couple little fans, some little LED lights (duh… of course, right?) and a much bigger shinier bow. You can also check out this high-resolution version. Have a geektastic holiday!

[via Geeks Are Sexy, Reddit]