Home-Brew Heads-Up Display Glasses: Who Needs Google Glass Anyway

I have been thinking about the Google Glass concept for some time now. After having checked pretty much every video demonstrating them and of course hearing some reports of people getting fined driving while using them, when and what are they good for? I can understand this concept being implemented into a motorcycle helmet, but I do not see the point of wearing them as glasses. On top of that, why can’t we just go for home-brew Glass alternatives instead?

I mean I am quite aware that I am coming across clueless when it comes to these Google Glass glasses, but despite all the cool apps and stuff you can do with them, what are they really optimizing? My question boils down to one really, considering the many negative sides of the Google Glass glasses, is it really worth paying the hefty price they will most likely be priced at? Aren’t we better off just building our own instead?

A guy calling himself Codeninja has taken it upon himself to come up with a geekier, more technological and also cheaper alternative to the Google Glass glasses and they are something out of a Robocop, Alien and Avatar movie all bundled into one, if that makes sense.

His home-brew project has been a long journey, and he is already into his 3rd tier and he is just gonna keep going. There are a lot of features that this home-brew alternative has that are way cooler than what I have seen of the Google Glass glasses so far.  To start with, there isn’t much known about these glasses, and Codeninja doesn’t share too much on his website either. But he’s using Raspberry Pi to drive the whole thing, and he has also incorporated a motorized arm to allow the screen to be retracted upwards. Furthermore, most of the parts that make up this home-brew alternative to the Google Glass glasses are 3D printed, and he says on his blog that he’s going to further miniaturize everything for his next tier. When there are cheap concepts, prototypes and innovations like this, who needs the Google Glass glasses anyway.

Codeninja’s Home-Brew Google Glass Alternative

Home-Brew Google Glass

Home-Brew Google Glass

Home-Brew Google Glass

Via: [Hack A Day]