How The Internet Looked Back In 1998

The way we navigate the Internet today is quite different from what it was like back in 1998. I don’t mean the navigation itself (such as links etc.), but I mean the way we navigate using images, flash and tons of other languages incorporated to give us a better experience when we’re surfing the now billions of pages for news, inspiration and knowledge. Just to think that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a bunch of the most successful websites today weren’t even around back then is quite mind boggling. But none of us, I am sure, are surprised about it. New technologies spring up every day, and we’re embracing pretty much everything that will enhance the experience we’ve grown to love. Even some of the technology we see as new and fresh today will become old and retro, so we might as well just get used to it.

Back in 1998 the Internet was quite different and the loading time for normal text sites was anything but fast. Using the Internet for the very first time, back then, was a whole new world that opened up; however, waiting for things to load became kind of tedious and boring most of the time. Once we were able to upload images etc. it became clear that we really needed a faster connection instead of the 1200 baud modem available at the time.

I am one of those people who has no clue what the first website was that I surfed on the Internet when I first tried it out. It would have been cool to see how that site looks today, and how it had evolved, if it even still existed. I know there is a website available that has cached websites since way back when, and you can go back and take a look at what a site looked like 10 years ago. Anyone remember what that site is and where we can find it? Is it even available still?

The Internet Back In 1998